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4Q22 OVBI Report

Three years after the pandemic first began, we are still seeing a steady uptick in consumer demand for faster internet speeds and higher bandwidth usage.

While the pace of growth has slowed overall, average household usage is higher than ever, and multi-year trends indicate that consumption will only continue to rise. In fact, if we maintain our current trajectory, average household usage may reach a terabyte by 2028.

To accommodate this growth while maintaining a positive customer experience, proper network planning is essential. The 4Q22 OpenVault Broadband Insights (OVBI) report takes a deep dive into user data that can help you better understand the broadband industry market trends impacting your business.

Key findings include:

  • Usage trends by billing type and their implications
  • Impact of holiday season on peak bandwidth usage
  • Impact of gigabit speed trends on ARPU
  • Percentage distribution of provisioned speed tiers
  • Comparison of European and U.S. bandwidth usage

After reviewing the report, you’ll have the critical data and insights necessary to make the most of your infrastructure planning and ARPU growth strategy.

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