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OpenVault Broadband Insights Report 3Q22

Faster Broadband Speed Adoption Continues to Have Repercussions Across the Network

According to recent data, average monthly bandwidth usage and adoption of faster-speed tiers continues to rise, especially among UBB (usage-based billing) subscribers and FCC Affordable Connectivity Program participants.

These trends have important implications that can impact everything from infrastructure planning to improving your ARPU.

The 3Q22 OVBI from OpenVault takes a deep dive into user data to help you better understand the broadband industry market trends that can impact your business.

Key findings include:

  • Usage trends by billing type and their implications
  • Impact of UBB speed trends on ARPU
  • Percentage distribution of provisioned speed tiers
  • Comparison of European and U.S. bandwidth usage
  • Affordable Connectivity Plan usage and implications for broadband traffic

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