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OVBI 2Q22 Report

OpenVault Broadband Insights Report 2Q22

Faster Speeds Drove Data Usage Gains in 2Q22

When compared to the average user, participants in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program appear to be showing much greater broadband usage patterns. Furthermore, UBB subscribers who adopt faster broadband tiers are also significantly accelerating their use of data. It’s time to start thinking about how these trends might affect the performance of your network.

We’ve gathered the data and details to show how this is happening and why we expect this trend to continue in our latest report.

The 2Q22 OVBI from OpenVault provides you with the data you need to understand the broadband industry market trends that affect your business every day.

Key analysis of the data includes:

  • Affordable Connectivity Plan usage implications for broadband traffic
  • Changing usage patterns for both flat rate billing and usage-based billing plans
  • Percentage distribution of provisioned speed tiers
  • Comparison of European and U.S. bandwidth usage
  • And much more

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