OpenVault Broadband Insights Report (OVBI)
3Q20 Analysis Shows an Immediate ARPU Growth Opportunity for Broadband Operators
As subscribers continue to consume higher levels of bandwidth, the implications for broadband operators are considerable. Gain insight and clarity into these key broadband usage trends with the OpenVault Broadband Industry Report (OVBI). The OVBI gains this insight through analysis of millions of broadband subscriber usage data points across live networks in the U.S. and Europe.

Using aggregated market data, OpenVault has pinpointed key trends that point to an immediate opportunity for ARPU growth related to “power users” who consume 1 TB of data or more per month, while outlining the implications related to both usage and revenue. Also, new in 3Q20 is the OVBI Broadband Household Index, which provides a snapshot of key metrics for the average U.S. household.

Key analysis of this data will include:
  • The impact power users have on both downstream and upstream bandwidth
  • Strategies for identifying revenue opportunities from this usage behavior
  • The growth of broadband speed tiers, including the gigabit category
  • Comparing usage trends and their implications for usage-based billing and unlimited data providers
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As a global leader of broadband analytics, OpenVault provides meaningful insight to one of the world’s fastest-growing, ever-evolving marketplaces. In this way, OpenVault’s solution suite tracks broadband data usage consumption levels for millions of subscribers and helps operators across the globe better manage their networks, saving time and costs while increasing revenue and subscriber satisfaction. Network operators use OpenVault’s easy-to-use tools to dramatically improve visibility into their networks and automate management functions to proactively handle congestion, forecast network requirements, monetize broadband growth and communicate with subscribers.

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