Next Steps to Better Serve Customers

A Case Study of South Central Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (SCRTC)

Software Integration and Smart Applications Designed to Move the Needle

For more than 70 years, South Central Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (SCRTC) has been dedicated to providing strong and reliable service to its members. As much of their workforce approaches retirement age, the requisite knowledge required to manage and code for SCRTC’s homegrown business systems is starting to leave the company. Recognizing the challenge this situation would present to maintaining the quality service and care their customers have come to expect, SCRTC sought a way that would allow them to integrate their current systems into a more comprehensive and up-to-date solution.

Our SCRTC case study demonstrates the value you can derive from working with knowledgeable and experienced partners.

In this case study, we examine:

  • The challenge of making business systems work together.
  • The value of working with experienced partners you know you can trust.
  • The advantages that come with having the right tools to help accomplish your goals.

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