Managing Transformational Change During the Pandemic
A Case Study of Rainier Connect
Following four years of arduous negotiations and planning, Rainier Connect was transitioning two separate companies into their operations and was scheduled to assume the technical operations of a third when the coronavirus pandemic struck. Offices were closed and their workforce was transitioned to working from home just as they were experiencing a spike in technical and customer support issues due to a 50% expansion of their customer base. It was a situation that would severely challenge most companies. They turned to ISPN for help.

Our Rainier Connect case study highlights how Rainier Connect avoided potential disaster and learned the valuable lesson of strong partnerships.

In this case study, we explore and address:
  • The challenge of managing complicated operations during a major pandemic and the value in having a strong partner.
  • The need for solid workforce and operational continuity planning.
  • The issues you need to consider for managing your company during a crisis.
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