The Next Generation CFO: Leveraging Technology for Financial Operations
Driving Innovation in Accounting and Finance
By embracing new technologies designed specifically for financial operations, Chief Financial Officers of small rural broadband providers can transform their traditional accounting and finance departments into streamlined, efficient, and secure operations, while realizing significant savings and increasing operational flexibility. Automating internal practices and adopting other technologies can help make companies more responsive to the needs of evolving customers and help contribute to building their company’s reputation for technology leadership in the community.

Our whitepaper outlines the efficiencies and benefits that can be gained by implementing these new technologies.

We explore and address:
  • How AI-enhanced OCR can revolutionize your account payables function
  • How financial platform and app integration can increase workflow flexibility and agility
  • How P2PE and EMV chip technology can increase security, while simplifying PCI compliance and improving the customer experience
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