The Network Demands of Autonomous Vehicles

Exploring the Growing Data Demands of Autonomous Vehicles

For the last decade, vehicle makers have been adding cellular connectivity to cars, trucks, and other vehicles on the road. The demands on cellular networks are already large, but with the coming rise of complex autonomous vehicles, far more data will be uploaded and downloaded to keep America’s vehicles on the road.

Our new white paper—“The Network Demands of Autonomous Vehicles: Are You Ready for the Data Needs of Self-Driving Cars?”—describes the extent of autonomous vehicles’ data demands and sheds light on what broadband service providers are up against preparing for the cellular traffic of tomorrow.

Key areas of focus in this white paper include:

  • The current data usage of cellular-connected vehicles and the need of autonomous vehicles
  • Differences among various types of autonomous vehicles
  • Estimations of autonomous vehicle adoption between now and 2030
  • And more

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