Finley GIS Whitepaper

GIS Moneyball: How GIS Can Help Lay the Foundation for an Effective Broadband Launch

Using Geographic Information Systems to Improve Your Business with Data and Analytics

Good planning is critical to for successful funding bids and network deployments—and good planning relies on accessing, managing, and parsing quality geographic data.

Geographic Information System (GIS) analytics can crack open the mysteries that lied buried in your data by creating color-coded maps with multiple layers of details to help you discover new opportunities and plan deployments. Additionally, good GIS data can help you make projects more shovel ready ahead of you applying for grants and other funding, increasing your chances of winning that funding.

Our whitepaper examines the availability of reliable geographic data, as well as the economic and efficiency benefits that can be derived by converting the data into comprehensive layered maps designed to help you assess opportunities and plan broadband deployments.

We review and discuss:

  • Sources of geographical data that can help with your planning
  • How GIS data can be managed to create detailed color-coded maps
  • Advantages that can be gained from leveraging GIS content in your broadband deployments

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