Rural Reality Check: Building the Best Broadband Network Possible

A Once in a Generation Opportunity

The recent pandemic revealed the critical need for high quality broadband everywhere. Combine that with historic broadband funding opportunities at both the state and federal levels. The result is a once in a generation opportunity for rural broadband. Planning and building the broadband infrastructure required for the next 50-100 years is now front and center. Getting it right has never been more important.

Our market brief, “Rural Reality Check: Building the Best Broadband Network Possible,” outlines the opportunity and highlights important factors for planning the right broadband network – one that will serve you well for the next 50 to 100 years.

In this market brief, we explore:

  • The realities of today’s rural broadband environment
  • Network planning considerations
  • Important and relevant network architecture and design options
  • And more.

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