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Grow Your Community AND Your Business

Boost Your Bottom Line with Managed Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local economies. Yet these mom-and-pop shops rarely have the IT support they need to thrive in today’s globally connected economy.

Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) are uniquely positioned to give these small businesses the support they need to flourish—while growing their own revenue along the way.

Our eBook, “How Broadband Service Providers Can Become the Catalyst for Small Business Growth,” will help you identify the real challenges of SMBs in your area and how managed services can help solve them. You’ll learn:

  • The unique IT needs of small businesses
  • 5 services BSPs can offer to help bridge the gap
  • How to leverage Calix SmartBiz to unlock this new market

In the end, you’ll have the tools you need to reach this new market segment and grow your own business—all while helping your community thrive.

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