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Calix Powering the Plant White Paper

Powering the Plant: HFC versus FTTH

Comparing Operating Costs of Coax and Fiber Networks

Over the past year, fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) architecture has exploded in popularity for new builds and network expansions alike. Clearly, the industry is placing big bets on FTTH and passive optical networks (PON) over traditional hybrid-fiber-coax (HFC).

But as a network operator, you need to make the decision for yourself. Is FTTH right for your geography? Beyond anecdotal advice, how do these two methods compare economically, when factoring in both operating expenses and ROI?

Our new whitepaper, “Powering the Plant: HFC versus FTTH,” presents you with a formula for answering this critical question.  Through a detailed cost study, we’ll examine the power needs and electricity costs for HFC networks and compare them to the savings one might see from a fiber based PON network in the same plant geography.

In the end, you’ll be able to calculate the savings you can expect from FTTH and make data-driven decisions as you plan your buildout.

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