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Universal Service Fund Fees: Why You’re Overpaying

Examining Rising USF Fees

There’s no question that customers hate to see their bills rise each month—and a large factor contributing to that issue is the continual increase in the fees that providers are required to pay to the Universal Service Fund.

The USF plays a critical role in helping to bridge the digital divide—and the recent pandemic has created even greater demand for funds. But as demand increases, so does the amount of money that providers are being asked to contribute.

But what if it also turns out you’re overpaying?

Our whitepaper takes a good look at how Universal Service Fund fees work and shares a simple strategy for how you might be able to reduce or eliminate them altogether.

We review and discuss:

  • Why your USF fees continue to rise
  • The Safe Harbor Rate
  • Staying De Minimis
  • USF Traffic Studies

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