Service Provider Voice (R)evolution: Switch to Cloud Communication Platform
In partnership with Broadband Success Partners
As significant shifts in technology—including the transition to IP voice and the prevalence of mobile wireless—impact telecom networks, the costs and complexities of maintaining softswitch infrastructure become increasingly difficult to justify.

A Cloud Communications Platform (CCP) represents an attractive alternative that is more flexible and scalable than softswitch and VoIP 1.0 equipment, vastly simpler to manage, and provides an agile, future-proof feature-set.

Our whitepaper examines the case for making the transition to a CCP and how to start that migration.

We explore and address:
  • The background and structural complexities inherent in softswitch technology
  • The considerable benefits of implementing a CCP solution
  • How you can get started in the CCP migration
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In partnership with Broadband Success Partners

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