G.fast: Enabling the Gigabit Society

The New Broadband Standard

The next generation of broadband, ultra-broadband, is upon us and it delivers a differentiated experience that subscribers are now coming to expect. Gigabit service delivery is now the target and G.fast empowers service providers across the globe to achieve it. Community and governmental agencies, including the European Union, now recognize the power of ultra-broadband and are calling for Gigabit societies.

By leveraging existing copper and coaxial wiring, G.fast enables service providers to efficiently and cost effectively deliver symmetrical Gigabit service. G.fast: Enabling the Gigabit Society outlines new technology developments that have improved the capability and scope of G.fast, highlighting its role in enabling a true ultra-broadband experience.

Download this whitepaper and gain insight into:

  • The growing role of G.fast in the global Gigabit society movement
  • G.fast technology evolution that’s delivering symmetrical Gigabit performance 
  • Broadband carrier strategies for G.fast