announced today that it has partnered with both and to resell each others services. Clearwire’s broadband wireless Internet can now be bundled with both DirecTV and Echostar’s Dish Network satellite video services. The reverse is true as well, with Clearwire now able to offer a video bundle with their wireless Internet offering. All three companies have also agreed to allow each other to sell these services independently, meaning DirecTV can sell Clearwire products independent of a bundled video offering and vice versa.

This announcement highlights the desire for these companies to leverage bundled service packages, despite the fact that their respective core networks don’t allow them to do so. The issue is more acute for DirecTV and Echostar, who realize they need a triple play package in order to compete effectively with cable and telecom providers. They are actively exploring many options, including BPL. This new partnership deal appears to be more of an interim step, than a long term strategy.

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