Clearwire today announced the introduction of Clear Modem with Wi-Fi, a combination wireless broadband modem and Wi-Fi access point. With broadband connections to Clearwire’s expanding CLEAR 4G network, the book-sized device delivers Internet access at 3-6Mb/s with bursts up to 10Mb/s and simplifies setting up wireless local/home area networks making use of IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, according to a news release.

Priced for purchase at $120 or leased for $7/month, the Clear Modem with Wi-Fi is now available online as well at CLEAR retail outlets and those of authorized dealers. Monthly unlimited data service plans start at $35/month. For another $15/month, customers can add home voice service with unlimited local and long distance calling in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The new device is the latest in Clearwire’s “wireless connectivity everywhere” drive as it strives tojustify wireline broadband cord-cutting in US homes. “Now our customers can get broadband Wi-Fi internet throughout their house, with one simple device about the size of a book – and without a rat’s nest of wires,” Mike Sievert, chief commercial officer, was quoted as saying. “Our new Clear Modem with Wi-Fi makes it easier than ever to connect the Wi-Fi devices that customers already have at home, such as laptops and desktops, tablets, iPods, and smartphones, without needing a wired connection to the cable or phone company.”

The broadband modem/wireless access point is one of nearly 70 devices on the market that provide access to the CLEAR 4G network, according to Clearwire. These include personal mobile Wi-Fi access points dubbed Clear Spots and the Clear 4G+ Mobile USB plug-in, as well more than 45 different laptops and netbooks with embedded WiMAX chips.

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2 thoughts on “Clearwire: Go Ahead, Cut the Wireline Broadband Cord

  1. This would be a good deal if they didn’t have this going on:

    This entry in particular caught my attention:

    vangoghaap commented on November 29, 2010 15:27

    Clear at-home WiMAX users are now up in arms over apparent throttling on certain accounts. As the story goes, it seems as if the company is pulling back on upload and download speeds (from 10Mbps to around 0.25Mbps) for users who have consumed between 7GB and 10GB in a month, which is comically low even compared to Comcast’s hated 250GB / month usage cap. Forum users are finding customer service lines to be no help whatsoever, and some digging has found that this may all be a part of a network traffic administration program that’s ongoing within Clearwire.

    If this is NOT true then Clearwire needs to state this categorically (and in their TOS) that there is no usage cap.

    Otherwise, I see no need to dump providers like my ATT or my relative’s Wildblue Sat subscription anytime soon.

  2. I've seen similar comments elsewhere on NANOG. The rate-limiting seems to happen only connections that have consumed (what they deem) a significant amount of bandwidth. I guess that's one way to say "we have no usage caps".

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