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Huawei joins Motorola and Samsung as WiMAX Radio Access Network (RAN) vendor for Clearwire’s 4G network. Other strategic infrastructure suppliers include Cisco, Ciena and DragonWave.

KIRKLAND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. 11, 2009– Clearwire Communications, LLC, an operating subsidiary of Clearwire Corporation, (NASDAQ: CLWR) today announced the completion of its 4G network infrastructure supplier selections, following the signing of an agreement that adds Huawei to a vendor mix that includes Motorola, Samsung, Cisco, Ciena and DragonWave.

Under the new agreement announced today, Huawei will supply WiMAX radio access network (RAN) equipment to facilitate Clearwire’s rollout of super fast mobile Internet service across the United States, called CLEAR™. Specifically, Huawei will provide several key infrastructure pieces, including base stations, element management system (EMS) components, and related network hardware and software. As part of today’s announcement, Clearwire named several other strategic suppliers for the network rollout, which include: Motorola and Samsung for RAN equipment; Cisco for the core Internet Protocol (IP) Next-Generation Network infrastructure; Ciena for base station switching; and DragonWave for the network’s microwave backhaul transport; Motorola also provides additional microwave backhaul equipment.

“Our new network is specifically designed to deliver an unmatched combination of 4G speeds, capacity, and mobility to meet the growing demand for wireless broadband services,” said Dr. John Saw, Chief Technology Officer for Clearwire. “As such, we have designed an all-IP network that is efficient, low-cost and scalable using standards-based technology from industry-leading providers. Our existing agreements with Motorola, Samsung, Cisco, and DragonWave, plus today’s addition of Huawei, provide us with the capabilities and support necessary to deliver super fast mobile Internet in more ways for both our customers and strategic wholesalers.”

“Clearwire’s vision for connecting the Internet to people, not just places, and their dedication to building the first nationwide WiMAX network in the United States is an exciting opportunity for Huawei,” said Wan Biao, President of Huawei Wireless Product Line. “Today’s announcement is an important milestone and represents a significant step toward establishing Huawei’s presence in North America and further demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to our customers.”

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