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Houston, TX – May 22, 2012 – CHR Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of engineering, managed services, BSS/OSS and cloud technology to communications service providers (CSPs), today announced the introduction of an innovative Grow Revenue and Guaranteed Cost Savings program. This program is a fresh, new way of approaching cost management that will provide clients with a guaranteed cost savings of up to 25 percent over 5 years. Savings are achieved by leveraging outsourced and managed services to help cut costs while increasing overall efficiency.

“To survive, our clients must grow new revenue, eliminate certain costs and fundamentally restructure other costs to be aligned with the reality of today’s competitive business environment,” said James Taylor, Chairman and CEO, CHR Solutions. “We are fully committed to the success of our clients and as true partners, we are furthering our efforts by forming this program dedicated to helping them increase their revenue and shrink their overall costs.”

The Grow Revenue and Guaranteed Cost Savings program has a two-pronged approach.  The first is focused on growing client’s revenue by providing solutions that have very low capital investment requirements and quickly creating new revenue streams.  CHR Solutions provides world-class White Label Services that unlock new long-term recurring revenue streams by leveraging their clients existing brand and network.  These services can produce new revenue in less than 60 days.

Services include:

  •  White Labeled Cloud Services
  • White Labeled Managed Services
  • White Labeled Cloud based WI-FI Solutions

CHR Solutions is equally engaged in strategies to reduce cost that clients incur in the delivery of their existing services. The company is providing a team of experts to work directly with individual clients to establish a baseline and define their guaranteed cost reduction, while at the same time, showing them how to meet or exceed their service level expectations. This guaranteed Cost Reduction Plan is a service provided by CHR that will promise cost savings by conducting a baseline analysis, at no cost to the client, and develop a cost reduction program tailored specifically to their operations.

“Cost management and revenue growth are more important now than ever before. Through our Grow Revenue and Guaranteed Cost Savings program, we guarantee an overall cost reduction starting at 5 percent, ultimately reaching up to 25 percent, when compared to their current spend. None of our competitors are currently offering these services and we are excited to help our clients save money every step of the way,” concluded Taylor.

The Grow Revenue and Guaranteed Cost Savings program offers all the services necessary for CHR Solutions clients to decrease costs

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Cost Separations
  • Financial Services
  • CABS
  • Provisioning
  • Billing Services
  • ISP Services
  • Customer Support Functions
  • Managed IT Services
  • Managed NOC and ISP Services
  • Managed Service Center
  • CSR Functions

For more information about the program and company, please visit our website or find us on Twitter at @CHRSolutions.

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