Charter today announced two new features for its Spectrum Mobile customers, an Anytime Upgrade for customers enrolled in the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus data plan and a mobile repair and replacement plan.

New and existing Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus customers can now upgrade their phones whenever they want, as many times as they want, without the traditional wait times and conditions. Customers won’t have to wait until they have paid half of their device payment plan balance, and customers can upgrade as many times as they want.

“Unlimited Plus customers, including those who bring their own device, can upgrade to any new available smart phone regardless of their device’s condition, as long as it powers on and is free of liquid damage,” Charter said.

The repair and replacement plan is priced at $5 per device, lower than similar plans from AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. The plan is better than previous Charter offerings. Device protection, accessible to all customers within 30 days of purchase, now includes customers in New York state and those who bring their own device.

The company has a history of disruptive pricing, launching a low-cost bundle of mobile and broadband service in late 2022.

“With the launch of Anytime Upgrade, we are providing Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus customers with straightforward and flexible access to the latest smartphone technology,” Danny Bowman, Charter Communications executive vice president, product, said in a prepared statement

“We understand the frustration of being locked into a device or contract. This offer, along with the new Spectrum Mobile Repair and Replacement Plan, allows our customers to have the newest devices with reliable protection, so they can maximize their wireless network experience and save money.”

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