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STAMFORD, CT – July 25, 2013 — If you’ve been holding on to a router at home that’s more than a couple of years old while your family continues to accumulate multiple wireless devices, your Wi-Fi may be overtaxed and technologically challenged. Charter has a solution that combines Charter’s high-speed Internet with high-performance Wi-Fi technology.

Charter’s Internet speeds are already among the fastest on the market.  In the majority of its footprint, no competitor offers a faster top speed.  Now, Charter high-speed Internet can be accessed from all of your wireless devices via Charter’s high-performance Wi-Fi router.  “Fast internet, combined with high performance Wi-Fi technology, means Charter delivers the best in-home Wi-Fi experience in the vast majority of our footprint,” said Rich DiGeronimo, Charter Senior Vice President, Product and Strategy.

Charter WiFi is available to new and current customers who want the latest technology and convenient, on-going 24×7 specially-trained technical support.  Customers must subscribe to one of Charter’s current Plus (30Mbps) or Ultra (100 Mbps) Internet speed tiers.  There is a one-time $39.99 activation fee and then a $3 monthly fee. A standard professional installation fee of $29.99 for all services installed during the service visit also applies.

“The Charter WiFi router is the heart of a home’s network, responsible for powering our fast Internet speeds over Wi-Fi,” said DiGeronimo. “Faster speeds required a better router.  We selected this router after extensive testing against a variety of high-performance Wi-Fi equipment.  We’re confident this solution provides an optimal Wi-Fi experience to our customers.  Of course, as Wi-Fi technology rapidly evolves, our goal will remain to deliver the best in-home Wi-Fi experience available.  And Charter’s professional installation and support give customers peace of mind.  If the router is defective, we will replace it.”

The Charter WiFi router utilizes high-powered radios to provide better range and it also features dual band concurrent operation to enable customers to take advantage of the less congested 5.0GHz frequency band while simultaneously operating a network on the 2.4GHz band to ensure older devices that are not 5.0GHz capable can still connect.  Charter is the only Internet Service Provider amongst its competitors that provides customers with a dual band concurrent Wi-Fi solution.  During both testing in Charter’s Labs and independent testing in a third-party test facility, this router proved to consistently provide high performance, delivering up to 30 Mbps even 120 feet from the router*.  Charter WiFi customers will be able to enjoy high speeds on all of their connected devices throughout the home, enabling multiple high bandwidth applications to run simultaneously.  For more information on Charter WiFi, visit:

*Based on independent testing in a 3rd party test facility with a capable wireless device. Wi-Fi utilizes shared over-the-air spectrum and wireless speeds can vary greatly dependent on the interference and congestion from other devices and networks, signal degradation as the Wi-Fi signal passes through materials to reach the wireless device, and capabilities of the wireless device itself.

Press Release

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