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APRIL 08, 2020 — STAMFORD, Conn. – Charter Communications, Inc. today announced a collaboration with Hiya, the global leader in spam call protection, to promote Hiya’s free anti-spam app for interested customers to help protect them against fraud and nuisance calls.

By downloading the Hiya app, Spectrum Mobile customers can take advantage of free features that help users identify spam calls, block individual numbers and identify calls from businesses. Customers also can choose to subscribe to Hiya’s premium app for a fee to receive advanced features, including automatic spam call blocking. According to Hiya’s recent State of the Call report, spam calls in the United States grew 108 percent from the previous year, with consumers receiving an average of 14 spam calls per month in 2019, up from seven spam calls per month in 2018. More information about downloading the Hiya app is available at

“Unwanted robo and spam calls are a major source of frustration for just about anyone with a phone,” said Danny Bowman, Charter’s Chief Mobile Officer. “Not only are robocalls a nuisance for our customers, but they also infringe on customers’ sense of privacy and security. We are pleased to partner with Hiya to provide Spectrum Mobile customers another tool to help thwart unwanted and harmful calls.”

Charter is committed to combating illegal and fraudulent calls through implementing across our network STIR/SHAKEN, a new standard for preventing fraudulent calls and caller ID spoofing, and continuing to work with industry peers to trace back fraudulent and illegal calls to their source. In addition to these efforts, Charter was an early adopter of third-party applications that allow Spectrum Voice customers to control unwanted calls. Charter also provides home phone customers with additional features to accept calls and block unwanted and anonymous calls, and block calls that appear to originate from numbers on the industry-developed Do-Not-Originate list, at no additional cost. More information is available at

Press Release

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