magicjack+vocaltec new wifi chipMagicJack VocalTec has big ambitions for a new TJ980 WiFi chip developed by its TigerJet subsidiary and expected to be included in the magicJack PLUS product by the second half of this year.

“When you build it into the magicJack PLUS the same device can be used two different ways,” explained Dan Borislow, magicJack VocalTec CEO, in an interview.

magicJack PLUS, released in September 2011, is an enhanced version of the original magicJack product which, unlike the initial version, does not require a computer in order for customers to be able to make VoIP calls for free over a broadband connection.

In one scenario Borislow described, the magicJack PLUS with the new chip is connected to a business phone to enable the phone to communicate with an existing WiFi access point, thereby providing a simple way for the business customers to make free phone calls using VoIP over their broadband connection.

Alternatively, Borislow explained, “You could take the same magicJack, plug it into a cable or DSL model and turn it into a WiFi access point.” Now magicJack PLUS units can also act as a WiFi hotspot.

That application is well suited for customers who have a magicJack app installed on their WiFi-capable smartphones, enabling them to place calls for free over the broadband connection. MagicJack previously launched such an app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and a similar offering for Android products is expected soon.

“With the popularity of the iPad and other tablets, and the proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled smart phones, we believe the great majority of people with high-speed Internet access will also have Wi-Fi available to them,” said magicJack VocalTec President Andrew MacInnes in Tuesday’s release.

According to Borislow, the new chip also supports enhanced voice quality.

Other plans
MagicJack also said it has decided to develop a follow-on version of the TJ980 chip that will take about a year to develop and will use much less power. Borislow told Telecompetitor that the follow-on version of the chip also will support more than 100 business phones, while the current version will support about 40.

MagicJack VocalTec also sees opportunities to sell its new chips or products built around those chips to other companies. In its release, the company noted that equipment manufacturers could reduce their costs by over 70% with magicJack VocalTec chips and boards.

“Retailers like Best Buy, WalMart and RadioShack would be able to sell the lowest cost high quality digital handsets for business with free telecom service,” the company added.

“We’re looking for ideas,” Borislow said in the interview with Telecompetitor.

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12 thoughts on “CEO Interview: magicJack has Big Plans for Wi-Fi

  1. I would like to speak to the CEO as I have been on chat lines for hours and situations not resolved!!!!!!

  2. My magic Jack service was just terminated with no notice. The reason? A loved one has been in the hospital for over a week and another friend had to evacuate her home due to fire. I was on the phone more than usual. Found out that Magic Jack can terminate your service if you are using significantly more than the"average" customer. No refunds, no warnings. So I paid for a year of Magic Jack and only got 2 months of service. They refuse to refund the rest of my money, but I am welcome to pay for another year of service. Not!

    1. Fed-up, I see where they will cancel for customers exceeding 20 times normal calling. Their terms of usage are horrible but even if they terminate thru a mistake on their part, good luck on getting anyone there to help you. They don't answer their phone and live chat is useless. You are screwed. This is like buying some item from the trunk of a car. No warranty(although promised) because you will never see them again. They don't care and you are screwed. We should have known since they are not member of the BBB. Rod

    2. Recommend GVJack App for using the magicjack dongle you own. This software is a one-time cost versus magicjack software that you pay an annual license fee. See:

  3. I have been on their chat for 3 days and just wasted my time with these idiots. When they cannot give you a satisfactory answer, they terminate the chat. They are absolutely stupid about their product and judging from the way they phrase sentences, I believe they are in India or some foreign place. Customer service from those people sucks and was one of the reasons AOL failed. When you set up MJ+, go slow as the site stinks and will lead you to answer wrong and not be able to correct it. They were to port my no. to MJ+, charged me $20.96, said was ok– 2 days later sent email saying I gave wrong account no. for my home ph. and cannot port.Be careful people-they do not ask for your present phone company account number!! Cus.Ser. chat doesn't even understand my complaint! Gives me stupid answers, then logs off of chat!Not once, but 4 times. Their ph. no. Cust. Ser. is 561-594-9787 but good luck for them to answer. They SUCK.They say I have to wait for a refund and start over to port my no. People on the web have said they have waited months for a refund and never get it.I want their CEO so I can shove this item up his coatail.

  4. MagicJack no matter what version (I have both) is ok for basic consumer / home phone use but it's virtually useless for business use. If you're looking for 3-way calling features or conference calling features, good luck. Better to go with their main competitor, NetTalk Duo a far superior device and service for either home or business with all the necessary features at the same cost as magicjack plus.

  5. Complete Phone Problem: SOLVED!

    All is left; perfecting it to uninterruptible service with clear quality, then make it free.

    Everybody in the world, get a: [google] ~> Grandstream Handytone-286 <, but have a server keep up with WAN DHCP… is this possible guys? PLEASE DEBATE!!

  6. Theres always someone who is so incompetent, that they cannot even tie their own shoes. I have had majicjack for years and never had a problem. Stop blaming a great company because your to lazy to learn even the basics about something so simple. Just pay your 30 dollars to the phone company each month and be done with it. Thats what you deserve, and thats what you will get. You probably still pay the cable company to provide you with shopping channels also; still do business with bank of america; still drive an american made car. Pathetic losers, thats what you are. No wonder the rest of the world is stealing our lunch money(usa).

    1. Very good comments, I have had Magic Jack for at least 5 or 6 years, I went from first version to MagicJack Plus and just ordered the 2014 version. The only issue I have is my calls get dropped at 90 minutes, not a big problem, I just call back, and most of my calls never last 90 minutes. With a good high speed internet Magic Jack works as advertized. People need to do some research before they complain.

  7. It is 2022 and Majicjack does not have wifi onmajicjack plus. Recently really could have used it. My dad is in assisted living free wifi. AT&T wants 100 dollars per month for a Land line. I found a work around purchased a wireless Bridge and installed Majicjack for my dad.

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