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October 17, 2012 – Cellcom is one of 10 wireless carriers in the nation who have committed to helping consumers avoid unexpected overages or “bill shock.” The Wireless Consumer Usage Notification Guidelines, a plan created by CTIA and the FCC, provide free alerts before and after customers reach monthly limits on voice, data and text. Participating wireless carriers agreed to begin sending notifications by October 17, 2012.

For Cellcom, the usage notifications augment the company’s current practices and existing account management tools. “Contacting customers to alert them of unusually high usage is nothing new for Cellcom,” said CEO and president Pat Riordan. “For years, our customer care team has had a process to proactively call customers before overages appear on their bills.” Cellcom also offers a short dial number and website application that gives up-to-date voice, text and data usage.

Cellcom will now send free alerts to customers as they approach and after they exceed monthly limits on voice, data and text messages. These alerts will come in the form of a text message or email. Warning messages will advise people that they are approaching their allowance, giving customers an opportunity to reduce usage for the balance of the month to prevent extra charges, or to contact customer care to look at other available options to meet personal needs. Overage messages will let customers know that they have gone over their limit and will be receiving an overage charge.

“The new usage notification alerts are simply a safety net to reinforce what we already do to serve and protect our customers,” Riordan said. “It is one more way for us to maintain our commitment to providing extraordinary customer care.”

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Press Release

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