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September 10, 2014 — LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LoopPay, Inc., the world’s first ubiquitously accepted mobile payment platform provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Competitive Carriers Association (CCA – with more than 100 carrier members including Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and dozens of other carriers) to deliver LoopPay’s industry-leading mobile wallet experience to members of CCA along with a Mobile Money offering in partnership with nD bancgroup.

LoopPay delivers a solution that no other mobile wallet can provide – not even Apple Pay – for the iPhone. LoopPay’s breakthrough mobile wallet solution enables instant, ubiquitous acceptance with more than 90 percent of today’s retail merchants, with no change to their existing point-of-sale (POS) systems. LoopPay allows users to securely swipe-in or scan-in all their plastic cards, and to securely transmit mag stripe card data wirelessly to almost every POS system, enabling a tap-to-pay experience. nD bancgroup is offering CCA members a turnkey Mobile Money service leveraging LoopPay, its preferred mobile wallet partner.

“We are always looking for innovative solutions to help our carriers deliver the best consumer experience possible,” said Steven K. Berry, CEO, CCA. “Our members need unique points of differentiation and multiple revenue streams to compete against the larger carriers. Innovative solutions from companies like LoopPay, together with nD bancgroup, allow our members to offer a solution that is accepted at 90 percent of all point-of-sale locations globally, about 10-times more acceptance than all Android and iPhone NFC-based solutions combined, which is very important to generate consumer adoption.”

Through this program, CCA carrier members will be able provide a practical mobile wallet that consumers can depend on, which can be co-branded with carriers at a small fraction of what larger carriers have invested in for mobile payment solutions to date. The program includes carrier-branded digital and physical cards from nD bancgroup that are preloaded onto the LoopPay app, with revenue share to carriers based on card usage, through nD bancgroup’s Mobile Money services. Benefits to carriers also include a differentiated offering that consumers will use frequently for physical retail commerce, as well as online and in-app commerce. Hardware revenue from accessory sales, revenue shares from merchant offers, and deals promoted with the mobile wallet platform also benefit carriers, who can leverage the solution for convenient pre-paid top-up, and bill payments.

“We are delighted to partner with CCA and nD bancgroup to offer carriers a cost-effective and scalable mobile payments solution,” said Will Graylin, CEO, LoopPay. “We are committed to delivering the best possible mobile wallet experience that consumers can depend on. Mobile wallets should be convenient, secure and work everywhere. With LoopPay, that’s exactly what we’re offering to carriers for their customers.”

Press Release

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