Several reports have , a Virginia based CLEC, applying for a cable franchise in Baltimore County, MD. Baltimore County is both a and served market. Adding the two DBS providers to the mix makes Cavalier a potential fifth video option. Cavalier intends to use leased copper pairs from Verizon, at least initially.

Should Cavalier enter this market, they would be bucking a trend. Very few CLECs have been known to enter such competitive markets as Baltimore with both cable and telecom behemoths already offering a triple play bundle. It’s usually the other way around – Verizon has entered several markets where a cable and smaller CLEC or cable overbuilder are already present. But Verizon has a market cap of $131 billion. Safe to say they have somewhat deeper pockets. Cavalier’s no stranger to competing with Verizon – they do so in many of their mid-Atlantic markets, including Richmond, VA where they also compete with Comcast and FiOS (Cavalier launched IPTV before the arrival of FiOS in Richmond). Maybe they’ve learned something – perhaps a weakness or two to exploit.

For more on their Baltimore plans, see this Baltimore Sun post.

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2 thoughts on “Cavalier Aims to be Fifth Option in Baltimore, MD

  1. You’ve got to give it to Cavalier. They’ve got guts. Going into this market, as the fifth option, and using leased lines? Gutsy moves. I’m rooting for them!

  2. I rarely say this about any company, but I love Cavalier Telecom (cavtel)… their service & support has been terrific. I’m REALLY looking forward to them coming to Baltimore county (towson) with their Digital TV service. … has anyone heard anything yet? My contract with Dish network is almost up (I am letting THAT go regardless – they are TERRIBLE), and I don’t want to go with anyone else. I’d rather NOT have TV at all than go with Verizon or Comcast.

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