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PETALUMA, CA – May 24, 2012 – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced that Case Western Reserve University (Case Western Reserve) has selected the Calix E7-2 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) to support one of the nation’s first Gig.U University Community Next Generation Innovation Project deployments. One of 37 universities across the country currently involved in the Gig.U initiative, Case Western Reserve will deploy fiber in and around its Cleveland, Ohio campus and utilize the Calix E7-2 and 716GE-I indoor optical network terminals (ONTs) to enable a network capable of delivering up to one gigabit per second (Gbps) to subscribers. This fiber access network, one of the most advanced in the nation, will also deploy Compass Flow Analyzer by Calix to closely monitor and analyze the traffic patterns and applications riding across this network.

Calix is working with integrator partner, Gigabit Squared, as they pioneer new models for public-private partnerships. Information, knowledge, and lessons learned about this deployment will be analyzed and shared by Case Western Reserve, Calix, and Gigabit Squared, whose Gigabit Neighborhood Gateway Program was announced on May 23rd in support of the Gig.U initiative.

“As research organizations, universities are in the unique position to create the ideas and make the discoveries that will drive the future development of our communities and our country as a whole – making them an ideal place to deploy and experiment with gigabit fiber networks,” said Case Western Reserve CIO Lev Gonick. “Case Western Reserve has always been on the leading edge of technology – we were the first university to have an all fiber access network in 1989 – and our work with Gig.U showcases our continued commitment to the advancement of broadband technologies. Throughout the growth of this gigabit network, we are looking forward to working with Calix to learn more about what advanced applications will emerge as students, residents, businesses, and anchor institutions experience the full benefits of the broadband speeds now available to them.”

The first area targeted for deployment of this gigabit network by Case Western Reserve will be the award-winning retirement community of Judson at University Circle, an accredited, not-for-profit organization that provides housing and care programs for residents.

This initial subscriber group will be an ideal audience to test a number of advanced broadband services, but a particular area of focus will be telemedicine, medication monitoring, and virtual medical care and nursing services because of the project’s close proximity to the Bruening Health Center at Judson Park. More than just connectivity, this gigabit network will have the ability to improve the quality-of-service and increase access to a wide variety of advanced broadband healthcare applications.

“In the past few years, we have made important strides in the delivery of gigabit services and applications across the country, but there is still much work to be done,” said David Seda, vice president of field marketing at Calix. “By working with innovative organizations such as Gig.U and Case Western Reserve, Calix wants to accelerate this momentum and deliver on the promise of gigabit-enabled communities. With the breadth of the Calix Unified Access portfolio and our proven track record in bringing gigabit speeds to communities worldwide, we’re excited to continue to help consumers, institutions, and businesses across the country experience the power of gigabit-enabled applications and services.”

Press Release

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