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March 20, 2012 — Cottam Ontario, CA – According to Rob Petruk, Gosfield North Communications CEO, being built from the hardware side forward was the main reason that this independent Canadian Telecom chose the APMAX™ Middleware solution. “The majority of the middleware vendors, while being visually appealing, lacked a lot of stability on the back-end,” Petruk voiced, “The more things that we can administer from our central office the better it is for us.”

Another area that made APMAX™ Middleware more attractive is with blended service opportunities. Petruk stated that Gosfield is going to integrate the APMAX™ Unified Messaging service with their IPTV video offering. Gosfield is going to use this as a strategy to differentiate themselves from competitors and to add new customers to their IPTV service. Petruk says, “We are going to offer every video customer integrated visual voicemail from the APMAX™ so that they can listen to their voice messages from their TVs.”

Gosfield is getting ready to CLEC into another market and Petruk says, “A solid, stable triple play with more features will be the key in capturing customers.” Petruk also adds, “The Program Guide interface has an extremely rich look that will compete well with the other players we are going up against in this CLEC market.”

Press Release

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