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DALLAS, TX – April 24, 2012 – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced that the City of Danville, Virginia has selected the EXA Powered Calix E7-2 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) to support its municipal fiber network expansion. As the city and its service provider partner Gamewood continue to expand the nDanville open access fiber network to reach new business and residential subscribers in new areas like those near Averett University, they will leverage gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology across the E7-2 ESAP and Calix 716GE-I indoor optical network terminals (ONTs) to deliver high-speed data, voice, IPTV, and security services.

Danville was the first municipally owned open access network in the United States, delivering service across three counties beginning in the fall of 2007. This network has been a pioneer in municipal broadband, honored for three consecutive years as a Smart21 award winner by the Intelligent Community Forum. The 500-square-mile network not only has delivered services to residents and businesses in the area, but also serves the city-owned utilities and the Danville Public Schools. The Danville Public Schools, which were connected in the first phase of the nDanville network build, benefit from speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), some of the fastest speeds available in the country. Throughout the history of the nDanville network, the entire project has been self-funded, relying solely on revenues brought in by the city.

“Danville is a city in transition, retraining our workforce from declining industries such as textiles and tobacco, and looking to differentiate ourselves from other cities in our region to attract new business to the area,” said Jason Grey, broadband network manager for nDanville. “With our city’s self-funded, open access network, we have been able to attract over 140 business customers to date and will be expanding to reach nearly 44,000 subscribers in the future. As this expansion continues, the flexibility of the E7-2 platform and Calix leadership in the fiber-to-the-home market will be assets for us and will help us to quickly reach a new set of potential subscribers and service provider partners.”

Along with the City of Danville, Calix recently partnered with two other innovative municipalities who are bringing advanced broadband services to their communities.

  • The town of Olds in Alberta, Canada has begun deploying a community-wide GPON network using the Calix E7-20 Multi-Terabit ESAP and 716GE-I indoor ONTs. Spearheaded by the Olds Institute for Community & Regional Development and other community leaders, this town of 8000 residents will become the first all-fiber municipal network in Canada. Olds will offer advanced voice and broadband services, including an advanced IPTV service.
  • Indianola Municipal Utilities in Iowa will deploy a point-to-point gigabit Ethernet (GE) network to the 15,000 residents of the city using the Calix B6 Ethernet Service Access Nodes (ESANs) and 700GE family of ONTs, expanding upon its existing network which delivers high-speed data and voice services to over 70 commercial and public subscribers. As part of the network’s open access license model, MCG of Oskaloosa, Iowa, a CLEC with a long history of successful fiber deployments, is licensed to utilize Indianola’s municipally-owned infrastructure. While Indianola Municipal Utilities owns the infrastructure, MCG will build and operate the network, as well as provide co-branded advanced voice, video, and high-speed data services.

“These cities are trailblazers in bringing gigabit services to their communities,” said John Colvin, senior vice president of North American sales and marketing at Calix. “Advanced fiber access infrastructures can truly differentiate a city, helping to grow new and existing businesses and foster economic development in areas that have been underserved in the past. We look forward to working with these innovators as they join the elite ranks of gigabit-enabled communities.”

Calix will be attending the Broadband Communities Summit 2012 this week in Dallas, Texas. Visit the Calix team at Booth #315 to learn more about the Calix Unified Access portfolio.

Press Release

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