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Petaluma, California — June 28, 2017 — Calix, Inc. (NYSE:CALX), the world leader in Subscriber Driven Intelligent Access, today announced the availability of Calix Support Cloud, a new addition to Calix Cloud purpose built to dramatically improve and transform how service provider customer service representatives (CSRs) support today’s hyper-connected, device dependent subscriber. Service provider support tools and processes have not been able to keep pace with the explosion of bandwidth-hungry, Wi-Fi connected devices in today’s home, and subscriber experience has suffered while expectations for quick and personalized support have continued to rise. Unmatched subscriber support and efficient management of the connected home experience are critical to service provider success, reducing churn, improving subscriber satisfaction, and minimizing on-going support costs. Support Cloud reinvents broadband subscriber support, harnessing the power of data-driven insights and ground-breaking analytics to arm CSRs with an easy-to-use interface that dramatically simplifies – in as little as a single click – the troubleshooting of expanding home Wi-Fi networks. This simplification delivers up to 90 percent faster problem resolution while driving significant improvement of support Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
“The explosion of IoT devices has made our homes more connected than ever before. While Wi-Fi performance has emerged as the key determinant of a subscriber’s broadband experience, it has also caused the volume of Wi-Fi related trouble calls fielded by service provider support centers to skyrocket,” said Miguel Alonso, Calix vice president of cloud products. “Calix Support Cloud is transformational for service providers, reinventing how they support their subscribers with automated troubleshooting capabilities, analytics-based diagnostics, and unprecedented network visibility. Now, with just a single click, CSRs can resolve the most common connected home support issues leaving subscribers thrilled with their broadband service and support experience, while empowered CSRs reach new levels of efficiency and productivity.”

Calix Support Cloud was architected specifically for service provider customer support teams, providing a holistic view of their subscriber’s home network and services in one dashboard. With Support Cloud, gone are the days in which CSRs relied on the subscriber to help troubleshoot service issues. Instead, it harnesses the power of data and analytics to enable the software to investigate, correlate, and find the root cause, freeing up the CSR to focus on the relationship with the subscriber. The result is significantly improved support center metrics such as shorter average call handling time, increased first call resolution (FCR), reduced truck rolls, and higher overall subscriber satisfaction.

Calix Support Cloud features a variety of ground-breaking capabilities that transform customer support economics and experience including:

  • SmartCheck – By proactively scanning subscribers’ home networks, CSRs quickly identify any issues with home gateways, Wi-Fi connected devices, determine the health of the entire in-home Wi-Fi network, and perform an immediate visual root-cause analysis.
  • Recommendations engine – The intelligent network data and analytics provided in Support Cloud dashboards give CSRs a faster path to resolve issues, including many immediate fixes to problems that commonly plague the subscriber experience like “Slow Internet.”
  • Remote support and visibility – With an unmatched ability to see into the subscriber’s Wi-Fi network, troubleshoot from afar, and proactively make changes, Support Cloud makes CSRs more efficient, driving significant operational savings through elimination of costly truck rolls and mitigation of premises equipment swaps.

A video introducing the features and capabilities of the Calix Support Cloud service can be seen here.

Service providers interested in a live demonstration of this new vision for connected home support and experience management can schedule their Calix Support Cloud experience here.

Press Release

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