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SAN JOSE, CA – February 17, 2021 – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) has once again revolutionized the architecture of the subscriber-facing network by moving the subscriber management function closer to the subscriber for both new and existing networks. With this latest release, the AXOS® Subscriber Management Module (SMm) is now available on the Calix Aggregation Service Manager (ASM3001), enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to aggregate and manage subscribers across legacy and new networks in one integrated framework. This combination of SMm, the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System, and the ASM3001 allows CSPs to place critical network functions close to the subscriber. As a result, the integrated Intelligent Access EDGE solution improves network security, reduces latency, and eliminates the need for up to 87 percent of the systems required in traditional subscriber-facing networks.

Service providers of all types and sizes are evolving to match growing bandwidth demand and differentiate their service offerings. These enhancements to the Intelligent Access EDGE solution enable a CSP to bring 100G aggregation to the access network. More importantly, they simplify network architectures and reduce the total cost of ownership. Because the consolidation of critical network functions can reduce the number of required systems by more than 87 percent, CSPs can build new networks at a significantly lower capital cost. With the combination of SMm and the E9-2 ASM3001, CSPs can also eliminate as much as 95 percent of the recurring fees associated with the software currently required to operate their networks. Finally, by combining subscriber management functions, CSPs can reduce the steps required to provision subscriber services to six—nearly an 80 percent decrease.

Tennessee-based Highland Telephone Cooperative (HTC) is a longtime Calix customer that has migrated to a 100 percent fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband network. As its membership and demands for bandwidth continue to grow, the cooperative partnered with Calix to transform their network.

“Bandwidth demands and our company growth have triggered the need to upgrade our access network transport, so our first step was to speak to our trusted partner, Calix,” said Jared Carson, chief operating officer for HTC. “Their professional services team suggested bringing 100G aggregation, Layer 3 and subscriber management closer to the subscriber with the E9-2 system and the ASM3001. Not only are we building added capacity into our network, but we are also implementing an end-to-end solution that improves operational efficiency, network security, and network reliability. This network is an investment in the future of our business and will enable us to ensure we exceed the expectations of all of our members—now and in the future.”

Once HTC has its 100G transport running, it will focus on improving traffic management and network efficiency, as well as simplifying tasks like IP address management and eliminating the need for additional network elements. The improvements in IP utilization will enable HTC to recover stranded IP addresses, eliminating the need and cost to purchase additional ones.

“We are delighted to partner with our customers and provide solutions that enable them not only to deliver the services their subscribers demand, but also to help them build successful businesses,” said Michel Langlois, chief development officer Intelligent Access EDGE products for Calix. “This new simplified subscriber management solution is the next step in implementing our vision of helping CSPs reduce network elements, decrease operational costs with advanced insights and workflow simplification, and deliver exceptional subscriber experiences. Our most recent cadence releases have grown our Layer 3 and subscriber management functionality with SMm significantly, and we are excited for our customers like HTC to see the benefits of these capabilities.”

Learn more about the Intelligent Access EDGE and the Highland story on the February 17 webinar, “Is the Recipe for Your Network as Simple as Ready-to-Bake Cookies?”

Press Release

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