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October 09, 2020 — SAN JOSE, Calif.–Calix, Inc.(NYSE: CALX) today announced a formal partnership with full-service broadband consulting firm, Conexon, which it has named an Elite Consulting Engineering Partner, the founding member of the consulting category of the Calix Partner Community. The terms of the relationship provide Conexon customers access to the entire Calix product portfolio—both Revenue EDGE and Intelligent Access EDGE solutions, along with the full set of Calix Services—which means electric cooperatives that work with Conexon can also leverage Calix solutions to build future-proof networks that will help their communities thrive for decades to come.

Currently more than a quarter of the 800-plus electric cooperatives serving rural areas are deploying broadband services, and the federal government has made billions of dollars available to fund rural deployment projects. However, the process to secure funding is lengthy and complicated; and the actual deployment requires the technology and expertise to build fiber networks and deliver subscriber experiences that can succeed in rural environments.

Both Calix and Conexon have a long history of helping electric cooperatives around the country plan and execute successful rural broadband projects. Conexon is a leader in providing education and consulting exclusively for the cooperative community around the best ways to deploy fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks. Calix is an established FTTH network expert with end-to-end solutions that can allow these cooperatives to not only deliver service but also to differentiate their subscriber offerings beyond the capabilities of incumbent, traditional service providers. Together, Conexon and Calix are at the forefront of a trend that is reshaping the communications service provider (CSP) market in the U.S. and delivering critical services to thousands of communities around the country.

“Just as they did a century ago when their rural communities first needed electricity, cooperatives around this country are stepping up to deliver a new utility—broadband—to members,” said Randy Klindt, partner for Conexon. “We were founded to help these electric cooperatives augment their business models and become broadband service providers, and the results speak for themselves. Electric cooperatives have been wildly successful in addressing the massive broadband gaps that exist in our country, and the number of cooperatives ready to follow suit is increasing dramatically.”

“Not many years ago, hardly anyone thought it possible to deliver Gigabit service to rural America,” said Jonathan Chambers, partner for Conexon. “And most thought it fanciful that rural America wanted or needed Gigabit service. We started working with those who shared our vision. Calix was one of the companies that believed as we did. Today, where we work, Gigabit service is becoming the norm. With Calix, we’re already building networks ready for the next generation of fiber optics. We’re not trying to bridge the divide. We intend to leap the divide.”

Calix established the Calix Partner Community to bring together organizations that share a vision to help CSPs deliver their broadband services faster, stay competitive, and grow their businesses. The partner program enables the Calix team to work closely with a growing ecosystem of value-added resellers, system integrators, and now, consultants.

“Conexon is a natural fit to be the founding member of the consulting category of our Elite Partner program, as we share a vision for the critical role electric cooperatives play in connecting underserved communities,” said Matt Collins, chief marketing officer for Calix. “It is easy to get lost in solutions and lose sight of that bigger picture. Conexon’s unique focus and partner ecosystem enable electric cooperatives to maintain their focus on what’s important—delivering critical broadband service to their members. We are thrilled to partner with Conexon to help the electric cooperative community close the digital divide.”

Learn more about the Calix Partner Community and solutions for electric cooperatives, or speak to an expert about the Calix Partner Community.

Press Release

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