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March 02, 2022 – SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) and Arlo today announced the expansion of their partnership, which started with the integration of Arlo’s world-leading connected cameras into Calix Revenue EDGE. The existing Arlo Secure offering by Calix is expanding to include emergency response, unlimited plans, and availability in Canada. Calix and Arlo also announced that the service will add comprehensive monitored security to protect the entire home and small business. The expanded solution will enable even the smallest broadband service provider (BSP) to excite their subscribers with CES-winning industrial design, simplicity of installation via the BSP’s field technician and full support within Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud). Furthermore, the subscriber will love the simplicity of having key Arlo features integrated into the BSP’s branded CommandIQ® app while being fully managed by the BSP and Arlo.

Historically, broadband subscribers had to rely on either private company security solutions or solutions only provided by the large BSPs that invested millions to deliver mediocre security solutions. These were quickly surpassed by the consumer giants with their innovative industrial design and go-to-market speed. The Calix and Arlo expanded partnership changes the game, allowing BSPs of all sizes to offer an innovative security solution that elevates their brand and their role with the subscriber, while stopping the consumer giants’ expansion in the home.

This newly announced managed and monitored home and small business security solution will make it simple for the BSP to excite their subscribers with high-demand, sticky managed services. This will enable them to:

  • Excite subscribers with a fully managed service featuring award-winning industrial design. By offering the CES 2022 award-winning security systems from Arlo, BSPs will be seen as true innovators in their market. The Arlo security solution includes a sleek control panel, a unique universal sensor, carbon monoxide and fire monitors, and Arlo cameras that fit seamlessly in any home or business—all fully managed and monitored by the BSP. Building on recent launches like GigaSpire® BLAST u6me, the first managed Wi-Fi 6E system for multi-gig Wi-Fi, Calix continues to position the BSP as the market innovator, well ahead of the consumer giants and big box stores.
  • Simplify the security solution for the BSP so they can make security simple for the home and small business subscriber. The complete security solution will be deployed by the BSP in days as it is pre-integrated into Revenue EDGE, starting with a new Calix field service app. This will make it easy for the BSP technician to install the Arlo solution. In addition, useful Arlo features will be integrated into the BSP’s branded CommandIQ app and include helpful tools for subscribers such as short self-help videos. The subscriber’s experience will be further simplified by the expanded troubleshooting of the Arlo experience with Support Cloud, Calix Operations Cloud, and the addition of Arlo-monitored 911 services. This simple security experience will offer subscribers complete peace of mind as the Revenue EDGE platform enables the trusted BSP to deliver the ultimate experience.
  • Grow revenue and the BSP’s trusted relationship with subscribers through behavioral analytics, marketing automation, and best practices from Calix Customer Success Services. Most BSPs don’t have the resources to invest in an army of data scientists or in massive marketing programs like large BSPs and consumer giants. Calix levels the playing field with Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud), the world’s most advanced behavioral analytics engine, which analyzes subscriber behaviors and guides the marketing team towards subscribers with the greatest need for the service. Next, Marketing Cloud guides the BSP in understanding which social channels provide the highest subscriber engagement and automates tactics to reach them. The Calix Customer Success Team is then ready to partner with the BSP to share best practices, customize campaigns leveraging the Market Activation program, and make the launch of their managed home and small business security service as powerful as any consumer giant.

“With this announcement, Calix has once again listened to our feedback on what we need for our business and delivered a comprehensive, managed security solution that will accomplish our two goals—members satisfaction and simplicity,” said Gary Johnson chief executive officer and general manager at Minnesota-based Paul Bunyan Communications. “As a cooperative, our members trust that we will constantly focus on improving their lives. In the past we have attempted to build our own bespoke security solution by integrating best-in-breed technologies. That proved to be difficult and expensive to launch and maintain. By providing Paul Bunyan with a Revenue EDGE solution that is pre-integrated for our field technician, support, marketing, and operational teams while ensuring that our brand is the only brand in the mobile app, Calix will give us what we need to provide our members access to a home and small business security solution that they can trust.”

Colorado-based Jade Communications is already seeing fast, superior results by adding Arlo Secure to their managed Wi-Fi packages. In only two months since launching their Jade security service, they upsold three percent of their targeted subscriber base to the premium service and doubled their ARPU.

“The Revenue EDGE platform has enabled a marketplace that is filled with exciting subscriber solutions. This will enable BSPs of all sizes to take the simplest path to launching new services at a pace that puts them way ahead of the consumer giants and big lethargic BSPs who decide to build services themselves,” said Michael Weening, president and chief operating officer of Calix. “At my house I do not have an innovative Calix-partnered BSP offering me broadband services. For the last eight years, I have paid $50 a month for an antiquated security system. Whenever I look at the ugly tablet that provides the service or their mediocre mobile app, I think about moving to a consumer giant. But I always stop, as I do not want to go through the installation process and worry about who I will call if there is an issue—simplicity and reliability are most important to me. This is the opportunity for the BSP. Offering the world-leading and gorgeous Arlo Secure solution that is pre-integrated by Calix across the BSPs field services, back office, support, and marketing teams, will elevate their brand, expand their trusted relationship with their subscribers and crush their competition. My experience leads me to conclude that once the BSP has security in the subscribers’ home or small businesses, they will be reluctant to remove it. If it is a Calix-based BSP that has their branded CommandIQ mobile app deployed, is constantly updating the service and expanding their offerings through the Revenue EDGE marketplace, I am convinced that it is never coming out when they keep ahead of the competition.”

To further support this exciting announcement, Calix Premier Customer Success is introducing an Arlo Secure Revenue EDGE Enablement Workshop. This onsite workshop offers comprehensive classroom-based training, hands-on labs, and field demonstrations of Arlo Secure. These next steps in security and cloud technology make it easier than ever for BSPs to identify and engage the ideal Arlo Secure subscribers.

Join us for a webinar, “Outpace the Competition With Home Security Made Simple,” on Wednesday, March 16 to find out how BSPs are quickly and successfully launching Arlo Secure.

Press Release

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