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CableLabs reported on progress made in 2023 involving its 10G initiative. The initiative encompasses several technologies, which, when combined, are expected to support speeds of up to 10 Gbps downstream in the future, as well as somewhat lower symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds.

CableLabs highlighted progress that cable companies have made toward 10G. Charter named vendors that will support plans to offer network-wide multi-gigabit service. Comcast introduced DOCSIS 4.0 in certain markets and got started on plans to make multi-gigabit speeds available to 10 million homes and businesses. And Cox committed to a multibillion dollar annual infrastructure investment in a 10G network over the next several years.

“CableLabs, along with our members and the vendor community, made remarkable progress on the path to 10G in 2023. The near future is here,” CableLabs President and CEO Phil McKinney said in a press release. “When we announced the promise of 10G in 2019, we set ambitious goals on our 10G roadmap. We are pleased that our efforts have delivered transformative, next-generation technology that will support future generations for years to come.”

The consortium said that progress was made in during 2023 on several of the key technologies

  • DOCSIS 4.0: CableLabs hosted two interoperability events — one for speed and one for security — which included suppliers and operators. The organization also made the certification for DOCSIS 4.0 cable modems available early last year.
  • Fiber broadband: Two working groups were formed. One is focused on optical operations and maintenance and the other on defining and specifying current and future management and provisioning systems.
  • Low Latency DOCSIS: CableLabs’ member Comcast conducted the first LLD field trials and certified the first modem with LLD support.
  • Coherent Passive Optical Networks (CPON): The organization defined the PON physical layer for the CPON specification. The definition was released in May.

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