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June 11th, 2014 — Huntsville AR – After many years of providing RF Cable Television to customers in the Huntsville Arkansas area, Madison County Telephone is now in the process of converting them to IPTV and they have chosen the APMAX Middleware solution from Innovative Systems. According to MCTC’s Scott Hamby there has been a couple of key factors in making the transitions smoothly. Hamby says, “We are plowing fiber to our customer’s homes and are being very meticulous about rewiring the homes with Cat 5 to every TV and either running it back to the ONT or back to a centralized switch in their home and making sure that if there are any grounding issues that we get those get fixed.” This has gotten MCTC off to a good start with their new IPTV service with a minimal amount of trouble calls thus far.

Customer Feedback
For MCTC’s 900+ video customers who have had standard RF cable for years the picture clarity has been a welcome upgrade from their service provider. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and everybody loves the Weather App and the better quality picture that they receive. The big button remote has also been a good fallback for some of MCTC’s older customers who are reluctant to change.

Hamby adds that some of the most hesitant customers are now their biggest promoters as they have been able to see the improved quality over the RF service.

Press Release

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