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Ridgeland, Miss. (July 11, 2012) – C Spire Wireless, the only wireless provider with a suite of personalized individual and family voice and data plans, today introduced its new CHOICE data access plans that allow users even greater choice and flexibility to personalize their data service on C Spire broadband devices.

These simple plans, which became available July 9 on the nation’s only personalized network, provide C Spire Mi-Fi, data card and netbook users the choice to use and pay for as much or as little data as they want – giving them personalized data access that’s customized for them.

The new CHOICE data access plans give customers the unique flexibility to use personal and public Wi-Fi networks for free and only buy a C Spire data pass when needed and with the right amount of data based on their individual needs. Plus, customers can now choose a data only plan without signing up for a two-year service agreement or commit to paying for monthly packages of data they may or may not use every month. Customers can decide to purchase the monthly data plans that include a package of data or choose the pay-as-you-go option available for both prepaid and postpaid customers – giving them even more options to personalize their data use.

“We believe that customers shouldn’t have to think twice about using their data devices. That’s why we’ve introduced the CHOICE data access plan that personalizes each customers’ data service by offering them the ability to choose the right amount of data, when they need it for as long as they need it with no worry of overage charges,” said Wade Smith, vice president of Products and Innovation for C Spire Wireless. “We know that today’s cookie cutter data plans at other wireless companies just don’t work for customers. The CHOICE data access plans are the answer, giving our customers one more way to personalize their wireless experience and make it uniquely their own.”

C Spire offers a high-speed data network for your Mi-Fi device or data card. Customers can personalize their data service with their choice of monthly data plans with Gigabyte bundles or pay-as-you-go data passes. Customers that activate on the Choice data pass access plan may move to a monthly data plan for a time period and then move back to the Choice data pass reservation plan at any time. The CHOICE data pass plans are available to casual data users with a broadband device. When users need data, all they have to do is purchase a pass from their device via the internet browser. Data passes are available in the following day and data amounts:

“The new, ground-breaking plans help us deliver on our promise to offer a variety of personalization options and experiences for our customers,” Smith said. “Now customers get additional personalization through the ability to choose when they need to use the C Spire data network or their personal or public Wi-Fi. The Choice data access plan gives customers flexibility to manage both their monthly costs and their data usage with no overage charges on C Spire’s high speed mobile broadband network.”

With personalized options built around customers’ wireless needs, C Spire offers a variety of individual, family and business monthly rate plans that give users the freedom and flexibility to use their phone how and when they want along with continued access to infinite voice and data.

Choice Plans Personalized for You
The Choice plan structure is an industry first, allowing C Spire customers the flexibility to personalize their plan based on their personal needs.

C Spire’s Choice D+ plan with infinite text, mobile web, picture messaging and streaming is $100 – lower than any of the major competing wireless carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, and the only plan that offers true infinite data and personalized services. In addition, AT&T and Verizon no longer offer unlimited data plans for new customers, Sprint charges data roaming fees off their network and T-Mobile throttles data speeds after reaching 10 GB of data usage.

C Spire’s Choice D smartphone plans range from $50 to $70 a month for nationwide voice, infinite messaging (text and pictures) and mobile web. The Choice D+ plans, which range from $80 to $100 a month, include infinite streaming in addition to the other features. Family plans are also available with similar features and personalized options.

C Spire’s Streaming Feature vs. Tiered Data
C Spire’s plan structure offers customers options and choices to manage streaming as a separate feature. The company used this structure instead of going to tiered data like other carriers have done so its customers can control and personalize their plans based on their streaming needs, according to Smith.

“Our personalized data plans for smartphones and other connected devices offer customized options that customers will not see at any other wireless company,” Smith said. “Personalized wireless at C Spire is a combination of a number of different services, systems and programs that combine to offer an unmatched wireless experience that directly reflects and serves each customer’s unique needs.”

Press Release

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