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Ridgeland, Miss. (June 11, 2020) – C Spire, which has a history of shaking up the U.S. wireless industry with game-changing plans, pricing and service, is debuting a new $45 monthly plan starting with the first line that provides unlimited talk, text and 10GB of high-speed data.

The plan, called “The Real Deal,” comes with C Spire’s legendary, world-class customer service and offers consumers who enroll in autopay and paperless billing a $45 plan starting with the first line instead of AT&T and Verizon pricing that requires consumers to pay from $60 to $90 a month for one or two lines.

“We’re disrupting the industry with a plan that doesn’t encourage individuals to subscribe to four lines to get the best pricing, benefits and service deal,” said Brian Caraway, general manager of the company’s wireless division. “We’re not about confusing consumers – this is easy-to-understand, simple, straightforward and transparent.”

Caraway said the plan’s flexibility makes it attractive to consumers who have been pressed by other carriers, in some cases, to subscribe to more lines than they need to get the maximum benefits. “One of the main reasons we developed this plan is because the price you see is rarely the price you pay in wireless today,” he added.

“Most competitors advertise price points in the $40+ range, but they don’t tell you that you have to have four lines to get that price,” Caraway said. “In fact, the price in many cases can be much higher if you want one or two lines,” he added, noting that C Spire saves consumers money and provides a top-tier experience on one or two lines.

Research by Strategy Analytics and the Pew Center for the Internet and Technology shows that a majority of the nation’s 422 million wireless subscribers use 10 GB of data or less a month, meaning that most consumers are paying for more than they need.

In an indication that consumers need more choices, Caraway said about one out of every three C Spire wireless accounts have one to two lines, despite plans by most other carriers that focus almost exclusively on four-line accounts. “Customers want maximum flexibility, favorable pricing and robust features, not misleading promises.”

To learn more about the new “Real Deal” $45 plan starting with one line, visit For more information other C Spire products and services, go to

Press Release

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