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Ridgeland, Miss. (January 30, 2020) – C Spire is partnering with Plume® to introduce a new Smart WiFi solution that solves the internet coverage “dead spot” problem in homes for its next-generation residential broadband program, which features ultra-fast Gigabit speed internet access, award-winning live streaming TV and premium digital home phone service.

The solution, powered by Smart Home Services leader Plume, is being offered to new and existing customers of C Spire Home, the division that manages the company’s groundbreaking residential fiber program. Subscribers get the Plume app, two SuperPods that plug into home wall sockets and services like content filtering, online security, remote Wi-Fi access and more for just $10 per month.

“Smart WiFi is advanced technology that gives our FTTH customers more control of their home internet experience and more coverage than ever before,” said Ashley Phillips, general manager of C Spire Home, noting that the service features Plume Adaptive WiFi™, parental controls, AI Security™ and HomePass®, which lets users control guest and child access to their network, set up profiles and pause internet access.

Phillips said Smart WiFi gives consumers of the company’s residential broadband service more bandwidth on demand in any room of the home with Plume Adaptive WiFi, sending the ultra-fast signal to the area where it is needed the most. “The best part about this service is that homeowners can control everything from one easy smartphone or tablet application.”

Smart WiFi systems have been growing in popularity across the U.S. in recent years and Plume’s Adaptive WiFi goes a step further. The cloud-based software uses artificial intelligence to constantly monitor and improve performance in real-time. This provides a more robust solution as more homeowners demand ultra-fast residential broadband internet access to power a variety of new smart home applications, including door openers, door locks, security cameras, digital voice assistants, WiFi thermostats, multi-player gaming, streaming video and other IoT devices.

“Plume’s Smart Home Services bundle provides highly personalized in-home experiences, learning the needs of the home to make WiFi faster, safer and more reliable and easier for the homeowner to manage,” said Tyson Marian, CCO of Plume. “Consumers want the best internet user experience on every device and these services deliver on that promise.”

Since 2014, C Spire has rolled out its ultra-fast Gigabit speed internet access and related services in 24 Mississippi markets, boosting overall broadband connection speeds by over 200 percent with similar expansion plans this year in neighboring Alabama. The services have boosted home values and improved the overall quality of life for everyone.

Residential fiber is part of the C Spire Tech Movement, which is committed to moving communities forward through technology with a focus on broadband access, workforce development and technology innovation.

To learn more about C Spire Smart WiFi availability and pricing, go to To learn more about C Spire residential broadband services, go to To learn more about the C Spire Tech Movement, visit

Press Release

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