phonecutNews flash – combining multiple services into triple and double play bundles works, with a few exceptions.  But unfortunately, wireline telephone service gains no advantage through bundling.  That is, if you believe recent research findings provided by Strategy Analytics. According to their research, triple play and double play customers are less likely to drop video and broadband services than those who subscribe to them as a standalone service. Strategy Analytics suggest that wireline phone service enjoys no such protection.

“Fixed telephone service, however, did not appear to benefit from the same protective effect of bundling, with roughly identical numbers of bundled and unbundled consumers saying they would drop the service completely,” says Strategy Analytics.

The data comes from a recent study fielded in June 2009, which looks at multiplay bundles in the context of the current economic environment. According to the study findings, we may have seen the worst of the economic impact on communications services. “When asked about spending intentions for the upcoming year, over 80% of respondents said they did not intend to make any dramatic changes, suggesting that the overall impact of the economy on consumer entertainment and communications spend has been minor,” says Strategy Analytics.

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