churn driven by priceIt now is conventional wisdom, and also rational thinking, that bundles create barriers to customer churn.

The obvious value is that consumers save money when buying a triple-play bundle, rather than each of the products separately.

The same thinking applies to “family plans” for mobile services.

In fact, bundled products traditionally are seen as effective in many industries. Product bundling

But bundles arguably only work when consumers want the products in the bundle, or when the value-price relationship is seen to be acceptable That increasingly might not be the case for video entertainment services.

Roughly 25 percent of customers from major U.S. triple-play providers are not satisfied with their service, primarily because they don’t think it offers enough value for the money, says Yankee Group analyst Sheryl Kingstone.

And that’s the key issue: video subscriptions keep getting more expensive, and consumers arguably are starting to rebel.

The point is that bundling reduces churn when buyers seen a good fit between value and price. It doesn’t take much insight to note that buyers increasingly see a mismatch in the video subscription category.

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