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Vancouver, B.C. – July 16, 2013 – Incognito Software, a global provider of solutions for broadband software provisioning and service activation, today announced that Toledo, Ohio-based Buckeye CableSystem is planning to upgrade to the latest version of Broadband Command Center from Incognito Software to activate and provision voice and data services for its approximately 130,000 subscribers. With a powerful combination of fast, reliable, and scalable device provisioning, Buckeye will be able to quickly add and maintain users on its network, streamlining workflow to effectively prepare for its implementation and migration to IPv6.

As a leading cable company that provides a full range of TV, broadband, and home telephone services, Buckeye CableSystem first approached Incognito Software in 2005 to help provide an alternative to its existing provisioning solution for its growing subscriber base. This solution came in the form of Broadband Command Center, a multi-standard solution that offers fast, reliable and scalable device provisioning while also providing support for the latest standards and technologies, including TR-069, DOCSIS 3.0, PacketCable 2.0, SIP, and DHCPv6.

“We are constantly striving to enhance the customer experience for our subscribers, and being able to efficiently provision our services and quickly add new ones in a way that is both cost-effective and reliable is something that we consider critical to this effort,” said Joe Jensen, chief technology officer for Buckeye CableSystem. “The added knowledge that Broadband Command Center from Incognito Software will work in conjunction with our existing IP address management software to help us prepare for our migration from IPv4 to IPv6 will be tremendously helpful as well.”

As Buckeye CableSystem transitions its network to the IPv6 protocol, it expects to gain the network capacity needed to add a nearly limitless number of subscriber devices while also taking advantage of easier deployment of new solutions, additional encryption and security measures, improved network routing procedures, and enhanced compliance capabilities for various government regulations. It will also help to prepare Buckeye for the future, as an increasing number of new services will soon be launched that require IPv6.

“As today’s consumers become increasingly mobile, cable operators are faced with the growing challenge of delivering quality service while also managing the onslaught of new devices constantly being added to these networks each day,” said Stephane Bourque, president and CEO of Incognito Software. “Broadband Command Center allows providers like Buckeye to provision a vast range of devices confidently across cable networks, resulting in accelerated time-to-market, fewer truck rolls, and greater return on investment.”

More than 110 million subscribers are currently being provisioned by Incognito Software, which offers a wide range of feature-rich software that makes it an ideal solution for service providers who need room for growth. For more information regarding Broadband Command Center from Incognito Software, visit To follow Incognito on Twitter, visit @incognito_sfwr.

Press Release

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