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Larger internet providers– those with 100,000 subscribers or more — are now required to meet previously established broadband label requirements. April 10 was the deadline for those providers. Smaller providers have an additional six months to comply.

The FCC requirements call for broadband labels following a specific format to be in place at the point of sale for stand-alone consumer services. The goal is to make it easier for consumers to compare plans from one provider to another.

Accurate, simple to understand information about broadband services helps consumers make informed choices, the FCC said. Additionally, better transparency encourages competition and innovation while helping keep a lid on prices.

The movement to the labels started in 2015, when the regulator first formally sought recommendations from the Consumer Advisory Committee for consumer-centric labels.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law directed the FCC to require the labels with information about broadband services. Then in 2022, the FCC adopted rules requiring broadband providers to display key information, including prices, fees, speeds, data allowances and other critical information at the point of sale.

The format of the new labels is familiar to consumers – it is very similar to the nutrition labels that have appeared on food products for several years.  The labels are required at any point of sale, whether online or in a brick-and-mortar location. The full label must be displayed, not just an icon. The display needs to be in close proximity to an associated plan’s advertisement.

ISPs need to include the following details on the labels:

  • Broadband prices
  • Introductory rate details
  • Data allowances
  • Links to additional information about available discounts or service bundles; network management practices; and privacy policies.

Companies with less than 100,000 customers have until October 10 to comply with the requirement.

That is also the deadline for providers to enable third parties to more easily collect and aggregate data in order to facilitate the creation of consumer-based comparison shopping tools.

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  1. By that point, providers will have failed to meet their obligation to make it easier for third parties to gather and aggregate data for the purpose of developing comparison shopping tools aimed at consumers.

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