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The FCC will soon award up to $16B from the $20.4B Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) to expand high bandwidth connectivity to unserved locations, providing winning bidders with the financial resources that help overcome the business case challenge in these rural deployments.

To be successful, these companies must efficiently design, deploy, and validate their rural networks and prove to the FCC that their deployed systems meet the speed and latency commitments offered in their bids.

Rural Deployments Need Different Expertise
Deploying broadband services in rural areas has a widely different set of challenges to build an efficient, cost-effective network for the network’s widely distributed users. Besides meeting the committed bandwidth and latency, these network solutions must also continuously meet growing customer needs, which is where some wireless technologies encounter challenges in rural deployments.

Whether it is a quad-play service offered over fixed and wireless networks or wireless broadband connectivity delivered by satellite, 4G, or 5G, the following three challenges require expertise to provide an optimized rural network solution.

Transport Challenges
While many believe that completing the last mile is the biggest challenge for rural networks, one of the more significant challenges is creating the transport network. Whether the last mile is fiber, wireless, or cable, the rural deployment needs a purpose-built transport network that provides reliable, scalable capacity on demand that supports all users. TeleWorld Solutions has been creating these types of backhaul and transport networks since 2002.

rural networks design chart

Minimizing Capital Costs
Rural networks must meet network capacity needs with the right network equipment. Designing the system that meets the business needs requires the right planning tools, deployment expertise, and network management solutions to ensure smooth operations that meet the business case. TeleWorld Solutions collaborates with you and customizes the solution to balance the equipment and costs to meet your rural business goals.

Adapting to New Opportunities
While high-bandwidth connectivity is critical, rural networks must be flexible to support new business models, like IoT. The broadband network design that accommodates this flexibility is more complicated. TeleWorld Solutions’ expertise is ready to create networks that can expand and adapt new value-added business opportunities.

TeleWorld Solutions Balances The Networks to Power Success
Success in deploying the right networks for these challenging markets demands expertise, efficiency, and partnership. With time and quality being critical factors in designing, building, and validating different network technologies, the winner, be it an infrastructure provider, a mobile network operator, or a multiple system operator, can benefit from the expert guidance and deployment expertise from TeleWorld Solutions.

With network design and deployment experiences that began in 2002, TeleWorld Solutions engineers have successfully built high-quality network solutions using fixed (FWA), shared-spectrum (CBRS), licensed, and unlicensed wireless technologies to deliver broadband services to businesses and consumers in rural communities.

With field-proven expertise in design, deployment, optimization, and operations of fixed and wireless rural networks, TeleWorld Solutions is ready to deliver the right rural system. RDOF winners who chose TWS are selecting the partner with the right skills, tools, and experience to plan, build, and manage high-speed, low-latency broadband rural networks.

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