New York based Cablevision bought rural cable MSO Bresnan back in June 2010 and Bresnan customers are beginning to see the results. Cablevision announced they will retire the Bresnan name earlier this year, and we can now see this brand transition in action.

Interestingly, Cablevision has not replaced the Bresnan brand with Cablevision. Rather, they have opted for Optimum, their tried and proven brand for bundled services in their home metropolitan New York City Markets.

As of May 12th, visitors to are met with the message, ‘Welcome to Optimum. Bresnan is now Optimum.’ It’s not entirely clear whether Optimum will become the corporate name for the former Bresnan territories, or whether it’s a transitional name, which eventually will be replaced with Cablevision. You have to dig pretty far into the new Bresnan/Optimum site to find a reference to Cablevision.

Cablevision has long branded their services as Optimum, but maintained the corporate name Cablevision. In fact, Cablevision was an early pioneer in creating a premium bundled brand – a trend soon followed by Verizon with FiOS, AT&T with U-verse, and Comcast with Xfinity.

It appears Cablevision is taking the Optimum brand one step further with its acquired territories, and branding the entire operation with it, at least for now.

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