Boingo Wireless has become the first Telecom Infra Project (TIP) participant to adopt the TIP OpenWiFi open source approach to Wi-Fi 6E deployments.

TIP OpenWiFi is an open source Wi-Fi architecture that enables multi-vendor and interoperable Wi-Fi networks. The Boingo implementation includes Actiontec, a TIP OpenWiFi ecosystem partner, and Wi-Fi 6E access points (APs) outfitted with the NetExperience management and software.

 The platform enables Boingo Wireless to mix and match APs and controllers from any TIP OpenWiFi-compliant manufacturer. The benefits of doing this include easy expansion of existing networks and increased network capacity and efficiency, according to TIP.

“To keep pace with 5G demands and exponential growth in network traffic, wireless technologies are converging and becoming more interoperable. Open-source solutions like TIP OpenWiFi bring together the cloud, software, and hardware, simplifying network architecture for more streamlined, scalable Wi-Fi deployments within the enterprise,” Dr. Derek Peterson, Boingo’s CTO, said in a press release. “Adopting this standards-based technology is part of Boingo’s commitment to deliver secure, flexible, neutral host networks for our customers.”

TIP OpenWiFi launched in May, 2021. TIP OpenWiFi is a disaggregated Wi-Fi software system, offered as a free open source solution that includes both a cloud controller software development kit and access point (AP) firmware. The system can run on a range of Indoor and outdoor access point hardware and software.

Companies participating in the TIP OpenWiFi initiative include Meta, Boingo Wireless, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, MTN, and Qualcomm, among others. Companies involved in managing the group include Boingo Wireless, Deutsche Telekom and Meta.

Wi-Fi 6E is an extended version of the Wi-Fi 6 standard that adds the ability to use the 6 GHz frequency band, enabling near-gigabit speeds, lower latency and less network congestion. Wi-Fi 6 operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands.

Carriers large and small are adopting Wi-Fi 6E. A great example is Arvig, a Minnesota-based regional service provider, that is adopting the extended version of Wi-Fi 6.

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