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St. Louis, Missouri – February 7, 2023 – Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider and operator of two data centers and over 11,000 miles of fiber, is proud to detail its successful partnership with University of Central Missouri as the primary internet service provider for the campus and the University’s remote sites.

Bluebird Network’s data centers and digital infrastructure power the University of Central Missouri to store mass amounts of the University data, keep the campus connected, and enable interconnection between all remote sites.

“We struggled through the years to find a provider able to connect all of our remote sites,” says Mark Schlueter, Manager of Network Services at University of Central Missouri. “Bluebird was able to connect the remote sites and do it cost-effectively. Their prices are very comparable, their infrastructure is very reliable, and the people are great to work with.”

Beyond fiber connectivity, data centers are also a critical piece of the University’s digital infrastructure strategy.

“Data centers in our environment are very important,” Schlueter says. “They are the heartbeat of our server farm and the heartbeat of our routing and switching. They are what every other building and every other service on campus connects to.”

Bluebird is well-known for the company’s customer service and personal touch, and Schlueter echoes those sentiments.

“Even if it’s not their responsibility, they pick it up and run with it,” he says. “They do the telephone time and bring in person A, B or C so I don’t have to – which is very nice. They listen to my needs. They give me viable options and they always shoot straight with cost and install options.”

“Bluebird is very forward thinking, and forward thinking is what you need to be successful,” he says. “I look forward to leaning on their forward thinking.”

Empowering Education

Throughout the Midwest, Bluebird Network delivers the tools and solutions educational systems at all levels need to operate at the highest levels. With an understanding of the urgent need for reliable internet connections, Bluebird Network provides high quality connectivity and bandwidth required to support the best education practices in the digital world.

Ranking as the second largest internet provider to public schools in the State of Missouri, Bluebird is consistent in providing secure and reliable internet connectivity for students and teachers, whether they are in person or virtual. Bluebird Network’s edge technology and unsurpassed customer support provides the tools needed for the sophisticated network requirements of education institutions.

To view Mark Schlueter’s on-camera testimonial and learn more about how Bluebird connects local businesses throughout the Midwest visit:

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