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UmatillaI, Ore. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Blue Mountain Networks, a locally owned and operated telecommunications provider in Oregon and Washington, is proud to announce the completion of a significant fiber optic network expansion project in Umatilla, Oregon. This initiative marks a substantial investment in the region’s digital infrastructure and signifies Blue Mountain’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art internet connectivity to local communities across the Pacific Northwest.

The project involves laying hundreds of miles of new fiber optic cables throughout Umatilla County, offering residents and businesses access to one of the fastest and most reliable internet services available. This development is expected to have a transformative impact on the area, enabling advancements in various sectors including education, healthcare, and local businesses.

“Blue Mountain is dedicated to bridging digital divides and ensuring that communities like Umatilla have access to the very best in internet technology,” said Blue Mountain Networks CEO J Findley. “We believe that our investment in fiber internet infrastructure will unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation in Umatilla and the surrounding areas. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless transition to this and we are looking forward to upgrading our existing customers where we can.”

The project began in early-2023 and is expected to be completed within the next week. Residents of Umatilla can look forward to internet speeds capable of supporting high-bandwidth activities like streaming, gaming, and telecommuting with more reliability and efficiency than ever before. Blue Mountain is moving away from its previous DSL, wireless, and cable internet services and investing in future-proofing local communities with new high-speed fiber internet service.

For more information about the fiber internet expansion project in Umatilla, or to inquire about services and availability, please visit or contact the Blue Mountain Networks customer service team at 541-370-3000.

Press Release

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