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Los Angeles, California — March 9, 2016 — Bel Air Internet, a Southern California-based Internet Service Provider, announced Monday that it will become the first company to deliver guaranteed symmetrical upload and download speeds to their residential customers, up to 100Mbps x 100Mbps guaranteed.

The move comes as the boutique firm unveils their new “Media-Grade Internet” following upgrades to their network and infrastructure. Diego Salas, CTO at Bel Air Internet, points to a shift in consumer behavior as the primary catalyst for moving to offer guaranteed symmetrical speed options. “Though fast download speeds have typically been the main draw for Internet customers, as consumers increasingly utilize video-conferencing and real-time gaming, upload high-resolution photos and videos to websites, back up to cloud servers and sync to multiple devices, upload speeds have become increasingly necessary and valuable to customers, as well,” says Salas.

A handful of other cable and telecommunications companies have recently also begun to debut symmetrical speed options, however at this time, they do not guarantee the speeds they provide, offering the caveat that what is being sold represents the “up to” speed or the maximum network capability. Their customers’ actual speeds may, and often do, vary due to a plethora of factors including internal network management traffic.

“With cable companies and even fiber, the more people who sign up in an area, the slower your connection is going to be. That’s why people often complain of sluggish Internet at home during the peak evening hours when they, and all their neighbors, are streaming content and surfing the web,” says Terry Koosed, CEO of Bel Air Internet. “Our model allows for consistent speeds regardless of the number of subscribers, which allows us the opportunity to guarantee these speeds to our customers, no matter the time of day or traffic on the network.”

Bel Air Internet plans to roll out the new symmetrical speed options at all of the residential properties they service in Southern California andLas Vegas by April 1st.

Press Release

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