HDTVVerizon announced today the launch of HBO, Cinemax, and The Movie Channel video-on-demand in HD. In addition, they’re expanding their Starz HD content – all in an effort to gain the crown of most HD content. It’s a crown coveted by others. Comcast made a similar announcement back in July.

“Verizon offers the most HD premium content in the industry,” said Tricia Lynch, director of Video on Demand programming at Verizon. I’m sure Comcast would argue that point. Of Course DirecTV started all of this HD bravado a year or so ago by claiming they had the most HD content. Now terrestrial video providers are trying to pull away from DirecTV by counting HD on demand content in their “most HD” claims. For the time being, DirecTV can’t deliver HD on demand content.

Verizon’s new HD content will be available “this fall.” The new premium content is available at no additional charge to customers who subscribe to the appropriate premium channels.

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