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Nashville, Tennessee – March 22, 2023 – Market topping telecom solutions supplier Equinox Information Systems is pleased to assist leading global enterprise cloud communications company Bandwidth Inc. with a business assurance solution. Equinox has been helping telecom companies and service providers stop fraud, mediate usage data, manage expense, and optimize revenue since 1986. The two companies first embarked on a relationship in 2019 when Bandwidth selected Equinox to implement, deploy, and maintain the Protector fraud management system (FMS) at their organization. Based on their experience with Equinox personnel and positive results from the application, Bandwidth recently licensed the all-new Protector 11 system with call blocking. 

“Protector is a great solution that is easy to use and provides multiple opportunities for customization. However, what really sets Equinox apart is the way they support us. Any time we have a question about the system, need assistance with a configuration setting, or have enhancement requests, Equinox is quick and precise with their response,” explained Seth Ray who is Bandwidth’s VP of Business Operations. “They clearly value our relationship and understand the importance of working together for total success.” 

Protector’s reputation as the most reliable and cost-effective FMS is well earned. As the most installed FMS in the U.S., the application has been saving carriers hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud losses each year for over three decades. The system’s dynamic and flexible monitoring metrics quickly identify fraudulent and abusive activity across all customer and call types. Protector can shut down activity at the switch or tear down active calls when needed. Its extensive case management tools allow speedy investigation and resolution of all events online. 

“Bandwidth’s enduring reliance on our product and team is a testament to Equinox’s commitment to providing exceptional, personal service,” commented Equinox Executive Vice President David West. “Equinox is dedicated to helping customers succeed, which means we prioritize their operational goals and business challenges as if they were our own. We are humbled to assist Bandwidth with this project as they continue to grow and innovate.” 

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